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VOICE IN EXILE Writer, Director and Co-Producer, Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D., is a Transdisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker, Researcher, Consultant, and Educator focusing on Integral, Transpersonal, and Transformative approaches to Art, Media, and Spirituality.

Mark has advanced degrees and certifications in the fields of Cinematic Media, Creative Expression, Hypnotherapy, Integral Theory, Spiritual Guidance, and Transpersonal Psychology. He has also studied and worked extensively in the Fine Arts, Architectural Design, Photography, and Poetics. Mark has worked professionally in the entertainment industry as a Motion Picture Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Researcher, and Consultant. His creative works have been shown on television, in theaters, schools, and colleges, and at film expositions around the world. Mark has also conducted and published seminal research on the integral and transpersonal dimensions of the cinema and the experience of divine guidance across religious traditions and cultures. Mark is currently exploring various applications of Integral Theory, including the research and development of an Integral approach to cinematic media theory and practice. He recently received the Integral Institute Integral Life Award in recognition of this work.

Mark began to stutter at an early age and was haunted by a severe stutter throughout his youth. Over the years he has achieved a higher degree of fluency through various healing modalities.

For more about Mark and his work visit his online portfolio at: www.markallankaplan.com


Credits | Fimmaker's Statement | About the Filmmaker


VOICE IN EXILE is a motion picture production of

The American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies

Distributed by Original Gravity

American Film Institute

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